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Writing an effective Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first stage in the process of seeking a new position. The CV is the means to the end of achieving an interview for your target position.

It has to be written to meet the requirements of the reader i.e. the person or organisation responsible for the recruitment. That person will have limited time availability, so that your CV must be user friendly; in effect it must:

There is no standard format to follow, but our experience at CRA Consulting suggests that the following format will meet most requirements. It is simple to follow and you certainly do not need to pay for your CV to be written by specialist agencies.

Format and Content

The recommended format is a 2/3 page (no more) document which conveys the following information. Use these headings and keep to the order as listed.

Contact details

Personal Details

Professional Qualifications


IT Skills


Work History and Experience

Guidance on Dos and Don'ts



If you need any assistance on writing your CV, contact Caroline or Robert at CRA Consulting on 0114 241 8030.