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Sheffield Independents Weather the Financial Storm.

The current economic climate has frozen businesses profits globally. As larger corporations overshadow smaller struggling trades, many independent shops have been driven into bankruptcy, heralding the reign of the multi-national conglomerate.

Sheffield however, seems to be an exception to the rule. Pockets of affluent trade are unevenly distributed across the city centre, ranging from a fifth of all premises being vacant in some areas of Sheffield, to the much more prosperous levels of trade on Ecclesall Road. Out of the 159 units, only 6 are vacant.

Known for its individual and alternative vibe, why is it that the independent trade of Ecclesall road seems to be thriving?

For the owner of Mookau, safety in numbers is the key. Nick Evans seems to believe that the cluster of independent trade attracts a wide customer base, an opinion shared by Sheffield authority.

The Sheffield City Council is working towards making each consumer area into a community, not solely for shopping, but for working relaxing and living. Establishing local financially flourishing multi-purpose atmospheres throughout Sheffield will encourage residents to spend more in independent trade and stimulate economic growth from the bottom upwards, says Councillor David Baker.

It seems that investing in independent trade is certainly a wise way to spend your money.