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Flexibility more important in the workplace

The CBI has called for the Government to consider how flexibility in working practices and procedures can benefit employers and employees and how it should be taken into account in the current Employment Law Review.

In a recent report, the CBI has explored the modern workforce and how flexibility and good communication is becoming increasingly important, suggesting that it has helped to minimise job losses in the private sector in recent years during economic difficulties.

John Cridland, director general of the CBI said "With a strong base of employment rights already in place, we simply don't need the state telling us how to manage every aspect of basic human relations”, suggesting that the government should look at offering flexible guidance, with suggested objectives and process rather than automatically imposing new legislation. He also said "Good communication helped companies and employees work together to make difficult changes to working patterns to get through the recession. These lessons are particularly important now the public sector is facing similar challenges as a result of measures to cut the deficit….. the Government should adopt a simpler approach to future employment law, one which maximises choice for employers and staff and plays up the strengths of our flexible labour market.”

Stressing the importance on flexibility in the workplace, the CBI also expressed its concern that flexibility is in fact being reduced with policies such as the abolition of the default retirement age its failure to review the Agency Workers Directive.

Lets watch this space to see if his comments have any bearing on the Governement’s next employment law proposals.