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Social Media and its affects on Recruitment

Social Media and its affects on recruitment

 Over the last decade the world of business has changed dramatically, from a culture where businesses prayed upon the gullibility of its customers to one where a single bad review can have colossal effects - we now truly live in a feedback society. We have the power to micromanage every last detail of our decisions using our social networks and often rely on the advice of total strangers – or go with the majority. We no longer have to learn from experience by being served cold, reheated food or waiting hours for service and so we shouldn’t! The phrase for this is social proof. In this result focused generation where companies are stripped naked of their pretences; honesty, relevance and delivery has taken precedence and is rewarded by increased business.

 So how has this affected the recruitment industry? Well, as recruiters our successes always relied upon the quality of our service (we have always been on the front line!) Unfortunately the same can’t be said for job hunters. No longer can you feel safe developing an impressive CV and chancing your way through an interview – the savvy companies will see through it. With no stone left unturned, employers don’t have to rely on the managed CV profiles but instead can explore their future colleges by a quick click on Linkedin or a browse on the dreaded Facebook. So rather than fighting it I am encouraging job hunters to become as socially attractive as possible, widen your social networks and develop your social networking sites. If you don’t another candidate will!

So if you are an employer how does this affect you? It’s not just your employees who are ‘baring all’ so is your company, not only to consumers but as a workplace as well. Most of the time the company and culture speaks for itself in regard to attracting similar minded people but it’s still in your best interests to embrace a more feedback friendly environment. You can take small steps like encouraging your employees to write reviews and link to these reviews from your corporate site. If you fear how the reviews may read then you should deal with that now, the Pandora's box of social proof is open and people are going to write about their work experience whether you like it or not. You're not going to beat them so I would suggest that you don't just join them, you actually encourage them.