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Should I stay or should I go?

Since the start of 2014 we have seen a pleasing increase in legal recruitment in South Yorkshire due to expansion and the upturn in instructions across a number of disciplines and at all levels.

 Those working within the sector may feel that the time could be approaching for their next career move in this more buoyant market after a period of some uncertainty and nervousness. But of course, taking those first steps in seeking a new role can be daunting and filled with uncertainty, which is understandable, particularly for those who have remained in their present position for some years.

 At CRA we have helped many legal professionals take those steps at a time that feels right for them. We also receive enquiries from those who are unsure about the next step in their career, seeking guidance about the market and advice as to whether or not a move would be the right choice for them.

 Our advice is always to take the time to explore your options and to be sure that you feel comfortable in making a move. There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when making such a decision and these should be explored fully when embarking on a job search.

 It's important to ask yourself what the reasons for considering a career move are; and reflect on your motivations.

 Feelings of being undervalued and having your potential stunted can be harmful to your confidence and job satisfaction. These issues can often be resolved through honest discussions with your current employer but should that not be the case, a career move offering progression and further opportunities could be the right option for you.

 Alternatively, you may feel that you are not being sufficiently rewarded for your efforts and energy that you are investing in your position. There are a number of ways that your employer can invest in your career which include salary, benefits, bonus, sponsorship or professional development. Only you can assess the gravity of your requirements in any of these areas but should you feel that your remuneration is lacking in comparison to others in a similar role and feel you would benefit by benchmarking your package, feel free to contact CRA to discuss the current market and salary expectations therein.

 On the other hand it may be that you feel that you are capable of more than is being asked of you in your current role. Think back to the learning curve you experienced when you started you current job before you reached your current level of competency in your daily tasks and expertise of your field. Could you possibly reach a higher level of ability by repeating that learning process in a new position?

 Recent research has shown that a typical professional masters their specific role over the course of three years. After that point, their pace of learning and improvement slows. It stands to reason that a career change after that three year span could recharge your personal development and boost your capability within your profession. This three year rule is by no means the case for every individual but could provide guidance as to your professional development should the you feel the urge to explore other career options to progress your own abilities.

 If you are simply suffering from a loss of passion for your current role it is most likely that you have reached a natural junction in your career path and have possibly progressed as far as possible in your current employment. A new challenge, a change in environment and the opportunity to further your career could be the right option for you. It is rare that those in this situation find what they are seeking in their current role and often the case that the time is right to put the wheels in motion for their next career move.

 Having recently made a career change from Chartered Legal Executive at Irwin Mitchell LLP to Legal Recruitment Consultant at CRA, I’m well placed to talk through any concerns you may have should you be considering making a move. Please feel free to call me on 0114 2418030 for a confidential conversation or email me on