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The Rising Market

The number of new job vacancies in the UK from this July 2014 grew by more than 25% from the same month the previous year and up 37% from 2012.


Financial graduate recruiters are boosting hiring programmes even further this year, with vacancies up by more than a third, and many firms saying they are yet to fill positions for this year’s intake.


Here at CRA we have noticed a continued rise in new vacancies during the first half of the year, and figures show that across job boards 1 million more jobs were advertised.


However among the fastest-growing industries in 2014 to date are construction & property (+61% more vacancies year-on-year).


As the property industry booms so does the demand for conveyancers, boosting Salaries. And Conveyancing isn’t the only sector in the Legal industry to see an increase, almost six in ten legal professionals received a pay rise in 2013with further increases expected this year.


Our director Caroline Naylor says “Current market conditions mean that good candidates are hard to come by. Demand has led to salaries rising as firms battle for the candidates.”