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“Hunt for business talent starts in schools” EY speak out on their career views

At a time when university tuition fees are at extortionate heights it is refreshing to see a company so passionate about talent hunting in the classroom.


It is becoming more and more popular for employers to recruit candidates based on their experience or their potential instead of being purely based on academics.


This has a number of contributing factors; the economic climate over the last few years has driven clients to expand their search criteria.


Recent statistics show that more and more young professional have shifted their mind-set and considering other options when coming to the end of their A-Levels.


At EY in particular, the professional services firm recruited 70 school leavers nationally in 2013 and has seen a 29% rise in applications for its 2014 UK School leaver programme compared to last year.


CRA’s Director Rob Addy said “Although we appreciate that many professions require specific levels of study and qualification, we are pleased to be seeing companies like EY offering alternatives for young business talent. For recruiters it’s a positive move in the right directions as companies can attract a cross-section of talent”