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How to conduct a successful telephone interview

Telephone interviews can be a very useful tool for employers who recruit nationally or who travel often. They are the next best thing to meeting face to face and demand just as much preparation. Here are our 7 top tips to getting it right over the phone:

  1. Firstly try and be as flexible as possible – if you are offered a Skype or FaceTime interview say yes and find a way to get the technology later. These interviews are often to compensate for busy schedules or to avoid traveling long distances so be mindful that they have been arranged for a reason and if you can’t do it your competition will!

  2. Make sure you are sat at a desk or table and not lounging on a bed or sofa. You want to emulate an interview setting so it should reflect a working environment. It will also make you appear as professional as possible.

  3. Dress as you would if you were meeting the directors face to face – avoid anything which looks too “casual” as this could give the impression you haven’t put much preparation into the interview and are not taking it seriously.

  4. Make sure you have everything you will need for the interview in front of you, at the very least paper and a pen.

  5. Do a test interview with a family member or friend beforehand so you can adjust the sound and picture accordingly to avoid any technical issues during the interview.

  6. Make sure the room you are conducting the interview in is silent and let everyone you live with know you will be conducting an interview to stop any unwanted disturbances or loud noises.  

  7. Finally you need to prepare, you will be asked the same questions as a face to face interview so will need to do as much preparation on the company and job role beforehand.