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Buzz Words to use in your CV or at Interviews

We have put together a list of buzz words to impress hiring managers on your CV or at interviews.

Analytical – Having an analytical approach is key to most jobs. It implies that you are thoughtful in your actions and don’t make rash decisions which may lead to problems.

Resourceful – This can encompass a few different skills and can replace commonly used phases such as “I prioritise workloads” and “problem solver”.

Reliable – This is important in every single career so it should be included on all CV’s.

Consistent – As with reliability, consistency is a key attribute in most careers and should be demonstrated at some point on your CV or in interviews.    

Competitive – This is a must for any target orientated role, especially roles within sales. It is often what the employer is looking for as shows that you will not get complacent and are hungry to progress.  

Progressive – This can set you aside from your competition and indicates you are a self-starter and you that you can help grow the company.

Flexible – This is key to a lot of modern firms as roles are constantly changing dependant on business demands.

Innovative – A lot of companies are looking for a fresh approach, so examples of times when you were innovative will add value to your CV.

A good way to encompass these words on you CV is to use them as adjectives. This also works well in competency based interviews when giving examples of how you have previously performed. For example “I worked towards a tight deadline, resourcefully solving any issues”. Be mindful that anything you have stated in your CV, could be explored at interview stage so you should have prepared examples ready.