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10 of CRA’s Funniest and Least Legit Interview Excuses

We have delved into our little red book of excuses to share the best and the worst. If you are planning on cancelling an interview in the next few days, please avoid the following!

1. A candidate was supposed to come for a meeting however, whilst searching for ID documents came across an out of date M.O.T certificate so had to take the car for an M.O.T instead

2. The same candidate was supposed to come for rearranged meeting but had been to the dentist and reacted badly to the anaesthetic so was now bed bound, hmm likely storey.

3. A temporary candidate had a sudden case of chronic fatigue syndrome couldn’t work the rest of the 3 day week

4. A candidate had to cancel an interview as she had 3 bid dogs at home and her husband was out.

5. A candidate based in Sheffield didn’t show for her interview due to a missed train in London from ‘Olympic traffic’.

6. A candidate was attacked by a ‘group of mosquitos’ so had to dash into the walk in centre.

7. A candidate was too fatigued from the previous day’s work so didn’t want to risk driving to the interview in case of swerving on the road.

8. A candidate was stuck in a car wash as the car in front had broken down.

9. A candidate asked to rearrange an interview which was booked on the Tuesday due to a planned heavy night on the Saturday.

10. A candidate had to cancel an interview due the weather conditions and inappropriate footwear.