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Success in Sweden for Fretwell-Downing

Sheffield based Fretwell-Downing Hospitality has achieved great success in the UK with Saffron Nutrition, the company’s nutritional analysis software. Recent publicity surrounding the diets of young children, which has stemmed from the establishment of nutritional standards for school meals, has helped the company become a chief competitor in its market.

The firm is now making the move into the Swedish market, and after tailoring their software to local conditions, is on the verge of completing numerous deals with local authorities in the country. Although Sweden does not have specific guidelines on the nutritional quality of school meals, it is still taking inspiration from the UK’s scheme to increase the quality of children’s diets.

The success of entering the Swedish market will be a major achievement for Fretwell-Downing Hospitality who have already experienced over a 20% rise in sales, and are predicting a further 10% growth in profits for this year. The company also has plans to expand in the UK market with software aimed at the restaurant industry which informs customers of the calorie content of their meals.